OV/EV Code Signing as a Service

Digitally sign software or applications for integrity and trust, with a code signing certificate stored in the cloud.

> Entrust will issue, store and maintain your public code signing certificate(s) and private key(s) in Entrust Signing Automation Service, in compliance with CA/B Forum requirements.

> Use any signing software, toolkit, or application compatible with PKCS#11 or REST APIs to connect to the Signing Automation Service and generate code signatures.

> Verification of the organization details is performed by Entrust prior to issuing the certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Validation Extended (EV)
Information displayed on signatures Based on certificate type(s):
OV: Organization's legal name
Organization's location

EV: Organization's legal name
Organization's location
Organization's type
Organization's jurisdiction
Impact on Microsoft SmartScreen Filter’s reputation Based on certificate type(s):
OV: Positive
EV: Excellent
Secure storage for the signing key Included in the service
Can be used for Windows kernel mode signing Based on certificate type(s):
OV: No
EV: Yes
Signing environments supported Authenticode, Microsoft Office and Microsoft VBA
(via PKCS#11 interface using 3rd party open source software, not Signtool.exe)

Number of code signatures From 1,000/year
Reissues Unlimited
Access to Entrust’s public timestamping service Included
Certificate Validity period 1-3 years