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TLS/SSL Certificates

When your website is secured by an Entrust TLS/SSL Certificate, your visitors can be confident knowing that your organization's identity has been verified and that encryption will keep their data and transactions secure.

With our subscription-based service, you can buy multiple certificate licences in one go.

Each time you generate a new certificate in your account, the relevant number of certificate and extra domain licences are picked from your pool of licences. Revoked and expired certificates free up the licences for re-use.


Select the certificate and extra domain licences you need and a subscription term

Use the below comparison matrix and our domain calculator to find out how many licences you need for each certificate type.


Checkout and create an ECS account

The Entrust Certificate Services (ECS) account is an online portal to manage all your digital certificates and services, including TLS/SSL certificates.


Issue, reissue and renew your certificates at your convenience

For the entire duration of your subscription, you can issue and manage your certificates without any restriction.

Choose the right type of certificate to cover your suite of online domains.
Standard Plus OV SSL Wildcard OV SSL Multi-Domain EV SSL
Formerly Known As Standard
UC Multi Domain
N/A EV Multi Domain
Organization Standard (OV) Standard (OV) Extended (EV)
Level of assurance Standard Standard High
Number of domains included in base price 1 1 2
Primary type of domain supported Non-wildcard domains Wildcard domain

(secures all subdomains)

Other domain type supported None Non-wildcard
Secures www. version of primary domain Includes +
Includes * +
Includes +
Maximum number of domains 250 250 250
Browser support 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Customer service 24/5 follow the sun 24/5 follow the sun 24/5 follow the sun
Platinum support availability 24/7 24/7 24/7
Server licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reissues Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SHA-2/ RSA 2048-bit key support Yes Yes Yes
ECC support Yes Yes Yes
Maximum certificate validity period 1 year (13 months) 1 year (13 months) 1 year (13 months)
Subscription term 1 - 5 years 1 - 5 years 1 - 5 years
Per Year
Per Year
Per Year
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