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Code Signing Solutions

Authenticate a software publisher’s identity and verify the unaltered integrity of software and other code with our code signing solutions.

Our code signing solutions are managed via an Entrust Certificate Services (ECS) subscription.

Choose the duration of your coverage, the products and services you need, and manage them all from your ECS portal. Issue, reissue and revoke your certificates as you need, at no extra cost.


Select the certificate licenses you need and the length of your subscription

Use the below comparison matrix and our domain calculator to find out how many licences you need for each certificate type.


Checkout and create an ECS account

The Entrust Certificate Services (ECS) account is an online portal to manage all your digital certificates and services, including Code SIgning certificates.


Issue, reissue and renew your certificates at your convenience

For the entire duration of your subscription, you can issue and manage your certificates without any restriction.

Choose the right type of certificate to cover your suite of online domains.
OV Code Signing Certificates EV Code Signing Certificates
Organization validation type Extended (EV) Extended (EV)
Information displayed on signatures Organization's legal name
Organization's location

Organization's legal name
Organization's location
Organization's type
Organization's jurisdiction

Impact on Microsoft SmartScreen Filter’s reputation Positive Excellent
Secure storage for the signing key Required Required
Can be used for Windows kernel mode signing No Yes
Signing environments supported Authenticode
Adobe Air
Microsoft Office
Microsoft VBA
Mozilla Objects
Adobe Air
Microsoft Office
Microsoft VBA
Mozilla Objects
Number of code signatures Unlimited Unlimited
Reissues Unlimited Unlimited
Access to Entrust’s public timestamping service Included Included
Certificate Validity period 1-3 years 1-3 years
Per Year
Per Year
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