EV Code Signing Certificates

> These high-assurance certificates can be used as part of a manual or automated process to digitally sign software, firmware and any other type of code.

> A secure USB token or an HSM is required to generate these certificates. You will also need a compatible application or toolkit to generate code signatures.

> Extended organization verification is performed by Entrust prior to issuing the certificate.

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EV Code Signing
$399.00 each
Secure USB token (FIPS 140-2 Compliant)
$50.00 each

(One-time charge) - Required to generate and store private keys. Your token qty should match your certificate qty, unless you already have compatible tokens you can use, or are using an HSM for a Code Signing Certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Validation Extended (EV)
Information displayed on signatures

Organization's legal name
Organization's location
Organization's type
Organization's jurisdiction

Impact on Microsoft SmartScreen Filter’s reputation Excellent
Secure storage for the signing key Required
Can be used for Windows kernel mode signing Yes
Signing environments supported Authenticode
Adobe Air
Microsoft Office
Microsoft VBA
Mozilla Objects
Number of code signatures Unlimited
Reissues Unlimited
Access to Entrust’s public timestamping service Included
Certificate Validity period 1-3 years