Remote Signing -  Employee

Document Signing certificates for employees, in the cloud

> These certificates are issued, stored, and maintained in the Entrust cloud.

> A compatible application is required to connect to the Remote Signing Service.

> Entrust verifies the employee and organization details before issuing the certificate.

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Remote Signing -  Employee
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Frequently Asked Questions



Certificate delivery and management Cloud
Certificate Type Standard (Adobe Trust List)
Compatible with Online applications with digital signing capabilities such as:
  • Entrust Signhost
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign
  • SwissSign Let’s Sign
Local applications also supported using the Entrust Desktop Virtual Card
Is used primarily for Signing electronic documents
as the employee of an
The signatures will contain Full name
email address (corporate)
Organization name
Orginazation City & Country
Pricing model Per Certificate
Certificate validity period 1 - 3 years
Public timestamping service included Standard (RFC 3161)
Unlimited reissues Yes