Verified Mark

› Entrust Verified Mark Certificates are digital certificates that enable organizations to display their registered trademark logos alongside outbound emails in accordance with the BIMI guidelines.

› Entrust Government Mark Certificates (GMC) verify the logo granted by statute, regulation, treaty, or other government action for a government agency or department and enables their authorized logo to be displayed in email communications.

› Entrust also offers DMARC implementation services to help customers in their BIMI journey. Contact for more details.

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Verified Mark
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I understand I need a registered trademark logo or a government-legislated logo in an approved jurisdiction, and I meet the DMARC requirement of email quarantine of 100% or reject.

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Registered Trademark Logo Required
DMARC policy Set to p= reject or
quarantine at 100%
Installation Automated
Logo Hosting Yes (optional)
BIMI compliant Yes
Validity Period 1 Year
Inventory Subscription-based
Logos per certificate 1
Email domains 1-250
BIMI selector header Supported
Verification High assurance
Automated CSR Generation Available
Customer service 24/5 follow the sun
Platinum support availability 24/7
Reissues Unlimited
Certificate Management Via ECS Portal